Aggelos Mourvatis is a physical education university degree holder but has followed the profession of a music teacher mastering the art of the electric guitar. He is a music school owner and lives in the town of Xanthi. He is considered one of the best guitarists of his time having been accredited by both Greek and foreign critics and the media.
He has made 6 albums and his name and songs appear in three album collections: THE ROCK FILE by MBI RECORDS, ROCK LIFE INTERNATIONAL by QUICK STAR PRODUCTIONS and REWIND 8 YEARS by PLUS REC.
His first album is PSIHI and was made in 1998 with the aid of the culture centre of Xanthi PAKETHRA. In 2000 follows THE TALE OF JOY AND SORROW, Aggelos second album by LAZY DOG PRODUCTIONS.
The new name of the group is decided to be AGGELOS MOURVATIS + PSIHI. (Psihi being the Greek word for the soul).
KALIMERA is his third album by LAZY DOG including 11 songs three of which are instrumental. The lyrics of two of the songs were written by the poet Thanasis Mousopoulos.
The next step is a totally instrumental album entitled NEVER BREAK A WINDOW IN THE WINTER by ENCORE RECORDINGS (2004). This particular album  had a lot of radio air in Europe and the USA. 
In 2007 Aggelos starts an English language orientated project : COSMIC RAY is a brand new name for a brand new band having a new lead singer. The COSMIC RAY album has the title LOVE IS which becomes a big hit.
Aggelos has appeared in numerous concerts all over Greece and performed along with many other popular Greek artists.
His most significant performances include live shows with the SCORPIONS, ALAN PARSONS PROJECT and DEEP PURPLE.
The most recent album is the TALE IN THE LAND OF LIES featuring 10 songs (2012).