5db (Five Different Breeds)is a band based in Kythera (a rather lonely Greek island located between the Peloponese and the island of Crete) in 2011, a love child of a handful of local musicians that decided to meet occasionally and improvise. The meetings became more and more frequent until some time in the spring of 2013 the idea of forming a band was ripe. Up to that point the band was nicknamed "Ροζ Τετραγωνα Καψουλια" (loosely translated as "Pink Square Caps" whatever on earth that means).5db work as a team composing and arranging their own music fusing the diverse styles of music the band members are interested in. 5db are: Panayotis Lefteris on the piano and sax, also nicknamed "Δασκαλος" (=The Teacher) for his musical studies and his active role as a music teacher. Under the name Catelouso he has released two critically acclaimed lp's, "Συναξις" ("The Gathering") and "Το Τραγουδι Των Σειρηνων" ("Song Of The Sirens"). Michiel Tan who plays the electric guitar is a Dutch expatriate that now calls Kythera home. Michiel was a member of the Dutch bands The Shaking Tomcats and Billies and is also a painter and comics artist. Pavlos Koroneos, the youngest member of 5db plays keyboards and the trumpet although the latter has yet to be utilized by the band. The rhythm section consists of Manos Vassilakis on the drumkit and KP (Costas) Mastoris who plays the bass guitar and electric upright bass. Manos is also a lute player and is interested in Cretan traditional music which he is currently exploring under the tuition of masters such as Yorgis Xylouris. Costas was a member of the Greek post punk/new wave band Metro Decay who released their LP "Υπερβαση" ("Transgression") in 1984, an album some folks consider to be a milestone of its genre. Besides playing the bass Costas is into recording and producing music and is currently recording the soundtrack and title songs for the film "No Asylum Here" expected to be released in 2014.5db are currently working on their ever expanding set and are planning to present it through recordings and live shows. Stay tuned!