In Greece, the story of what we call “spoon sweets” of fruit preserves in syrup, is somewhat magical. Fresh fruit and vegetables… boiled in sweet syrup… even the ones that aren’t ripe yet! Who could have thought for the first time to boil them in sweet syrup… Perhaps a good housewife decided to flavour the must she was boiling to make must pudding with a few pieces of fresh quince, which happened to be in season at the same time… how could she keep so many quinces… ‘We had too many this year’, she must have thought… ‘I think I’ll put a few in the must and see how it turns out…’The result was a fabulous must pudding… ‘With these extra pieces of fruit… let me taste… mmmmm!!!! Fantastic! I’ll boil a few quinces so that we have enough to last us all winter…’ That’s how it could have happened… who knows! Women have a satanic mind!!... A very good idea we must admit! A home economics lesson from women with imagination, energy and amazing inventiveness. I can see them in their dresses, smiling, with their red cheeks, with lots of children, pretty, sweet and passionate about everything. To keep their memory alive, we continue with the same love for each fruit, ripe or green, trapping its freshness within syrup made only with sugar and a little lemon juice. To enjoy them, one has to have a passion for life. A spoonful of quince preserve in a little glass dish, with a glass of cold water, let your senses slowly enjoy its aroma, its consistency, its almond and its sweetness. Feel the care that went into the little jar with all your senses.