Oinoscent was founded in 2008 by two wine passionate brothers in their early 20s. For a brief period, it worked as a wine cellar, but was only a matter of time before it evolved into the first wine bar of Athens.

After 3.5 years, Oinoscent moved into a bigger place, opposite the old one, in order to expand its innovative ideas and accommodate the already growing wine enthusiast crowd.

In our cellar you will find more than 700 labels from all over the world.
You can enjoy them in our bar at a small extra charge on the cellar price.

Our dishes are wisely selected to pair wonderfully with our wines.

We also regularly host wine tastings with local and foreign producers, in order to learn, taste, and (hopefully) find out their secrets in the art of wine making.

Private tastings can also be arranged with small or bigger groups of people, where our professional crew introduces Greek wine varieties and their characteristics.

At Oinoscent we are always thirsty for more and happy to share our knowledge with you, so come on over, let us pour you some wine and feel free to ask anything!