Olive oil is about life, history and tradition. It's about love for the olive tree and its secrets, about respect for its precious offerings. Ages ago mankind entered into a never ending discourse with the earth and the olive, serious and bittersweet, unique and distinctive. The products of this discourse have come to play a key role in our lives, in terms of both health and nutrition. This is how O3live was created. Worthy of this most exquisite child of nature, the revered olive tree.


Unfiltered Olive extract 
Produced with the traditional method of cold pressing within 24 hours from the hand picking of the olives 
 Exceptionally low acidity (max 0.3%) 
 Rich aroma and flavour with a captivating gold-green color 
Slightly fruity and spicy flavour 
 Manually bottled in tinplate containers which preserve the nutritional and quality attributes of the olive oil 
 Protected Designated Origin (PDO) which guarantees the uniqueness and authenticity of our Olive Oil