Myrtis was conceived by Hellasco Ltd to deliver a premium product of traditional Greek Heritage. Hellasco with its years of exporting Greek products collected a plethora of Delicacies: Spoon Sweets, Jams & Marmalades, Spreads, Honey and Tomato Sauces. 
Adopting produce of its blessed native soil, using only the purest of Greek fruits, vegetables, honey and other fresh Hellenic produce, it captures the homemade taste that was born in the land of the gods. With Tradition as its guide the excellence and uniqueness of its products are guaranteed.
All Myrtis flavors ensure Quality, Conformation, Essence. The production follows recipes that were collected from the rich gastronomic heritage through out the centuries; leading to the modern Greek Mediterranean diet.
By selecting distributers globally, Hellasco manages to bring the Homemade Taste from Greece to local markets worldwide.