Honey is the product of bees. After its collection it is transformed to honey by the bees. The exceptional climate conditions that are usual in Greece have as a result the rich vegetation, which creates an ideal environment for bees.

In Greece there are plenty of aromatic plants that are rare in the world. Honey can be preserved in the same way it was produced. It preserves unaltered all its characteristic qualities. Many researches have shown that more than 100 plants and 180 rudiments take part in its final composition.


Sesame is one of the first oil-trees that were cultivated from man. It comes from Eastern Africa and was more cultivated in tropical, semi-tropical and southern zones of the world. Unfortunately the sesame cultivation has stopped in Greece, so we import it. Sesame has many different species and variations. It can get 1,5-4 m high. Its seeds are used in pastry, bakery and in small ring-shaped biscuits. From its seeds is also produced “Tahini”, which is used in making a sweet, called “Halva”

We can find Sesame in two types “tragano” and “melato”, it depends which of the two ingredients is more in the mixture. Sifno’s Pasteli is “tragano” because the mixture has more sesame. “Melato” Pasteli is concindered to come from Messinia. A practical method to see if the ingredients have bonded together is the plate test. We pour the some of the mix in a plate and if it easily unstuck then it is ready. Another is the glass method. With a spoon we drip some mix in a glass of water if it deludes then it is ready.