Takis Xigoros being active at the commercial sector of the Messinian goods for at least 35 years, decided to make a big step in 1998 and establish at the heart of the region Inomessiniaki winery in order to support and promote the superb varieties of the Messinian vineyards. It was a big bet he placed, as although the quality of the Messinian grapes was accepted and recognized, it was the first contemporary and fulfilled unit which was producing and trading bottled wine at Kalamata region. Today, after 10 years, Inomessiniaki has accomplished to control the whole production of the raw material (with her own vineyards and collaborating viticulturists) ensuring the quality control of the productive procedure. Moreover, Inomessiniaki has built powerful bonds with its customers based on trust for the quality of wine and for the taste. Has presence at the local market and every year increases considerably its export activation in different countries.

The two sons of Takis Xigoros as soon as they graduated, they undertook the winery with enthusiasm, willingness for hard work and great love for wine making. Each one of the specialized workers of the winery and all together contribute in the production of high quality wines. The commission and the target of the whole team is to encompass in every drop of wine all their love and true care.