For us, food plays an important role in all our social interactions. No guest will ever enter a Greek home without at least being offered a meze or a homemade sweet. Business decisions are made over a meal,and there is no celebration, no matter how big or small, which does not centeraround a table richly laden with traditional dishes.

Extra virgin olive oil, olives, vegetables, fruit, pulses, meat and yogurt are integral parts of the traditional Greek cuisine. The quality of these ingredients is essential, not only because it affects the flavor of each dish, but also because it enhances the health benefits of the famous Mediterranean diet.

All over Greece, small and large scale producers offer a great variety of unique, pure food products, and therefore a wide range of high quality food products are available locally.

The idea behind the Foodwill project is to make this vast variety of Greek products available to consumers all over the world, and we invite everyone who lovesGreece, its cuisine and its products to join us in this effort.

Our Aim

Foodwill is a group of professionals working in different fields of the food and beverage industry, who all share the same love for the Greek culinary tradition and its products, and who are ready to provide their services and know-how.