Our company engages in breeding, processing, standardization and marketing snails.

Until now our company is operating four units of one acre for breeding snails, a research unit and from August 2012 a modern processing and standardisation unit

Oriented in creating innovative products with high nutritional value, based on Cretan and generally Mediterranean diet we participate in the effort for a future with respect for people and the environment.

The snails produced by our company is kind of Helix Aspersa.

The breeding program of our snails begins with proper selection of progenitor parents. The snails reproduction is in suitable locations within greenhouses of our company. The schedule of reproductive process we follow has to do with the different seasons, time of hatching eggs and the needs for completeness of our units with snails fattened.

The reproductive process, according to the protocols followed by our company, can be achieved successfully by month March through the month of November. The choice of reproductions periods and how long the reproductive process is going to last belongs to the responsibility of our qualified staff.

Through proper management of the number and quality of progenitor parentw we have achieved so far by our units operate with 100% fullness snails throughout the year.