Artius™ was created by Plagos Foods Ltd. in order to make it easy for fans of the Mediterranean diet and traditional Greek cuisine to find all their Greek favourites 
integrated under one appealing brand.Healthy never tasted this good!

Many scientific studies have concluded that the traditional Greek diet is the optimal diet. Apart from promoting health and longevity, it is also delicious and easy to follow: could you get any closer to the ideal diet? What makes the Greek diet so good for you?

Firstly, in common with most of the Mediterranean region, the Greek diet uses olive oil for cooking. The difference is that Greeks consume the most olive oil in the world, even more than the Spanish and the Italians. They use it for almost everything: cooking, basting, frying, sauteeing, marinades, salads, even baking. Another important distinction is that more than 80% of Greek olive oil is extra virgin 
quality, which has the highest nutritional value of all other oils.

Further components of the healthy Greek diet are: high consumption of plant foods, fruits and vegetables, as well as pulses, that category of protein-rich legumes which includes such exotic items as lentils, beans and yellow split peas; lean protein such as fish and lamb; unrefined cereals providing complex carbohydrates (the good kind); 
and easily digestible fermented dairy products such as yogurt and feta cheese.

The quality and high nutritional values of Greek produce are due to the unique combination of geological and climatic factors and low industrialization.  Additionally, many farmers still employ traditional natural cultivation methods, whether or not they are officially certified organic.The result is that Greeks who follow the traditional Greek diet today are one of the longest living and healthiest populations.