t.e.PAREO brand was created by Tanya (t) Dimitrakopoulou and Eleni (e) Prablanc in spring 2012, in a creative spur of the moment and after Eleni’s trip to Tahiti where pareos are considered a daily fashion item. Pareos are also part of Greece’s beach culture and the aspiration was to offer pareos that are 100% Greek, in terms of style, inspiration, fabrics and production.

t.e. pareos are made of high quality cotton fabrics, either gauze or traditional cotton sheeting fabric as this is seen and used in small Greek villages. The dress trims used are also made locally by small businesses and produced in limited quantities and specific colours. Their style reminds of crochet doilies as created by women of older generation and used for decoration in traditional homes. Preferred colours are earthy tones supplemented with selective bright colours to create a complete collection and relate to Greek islands’ distinctive scenery.

The inspiration is drawn by Greece’s unique light, landscapes and colours. Greek summer iconic features such as bright bougainvilleas on white island houses, shiny pebbles found on favourites beaches, the unique architecture of Cycladic villages, inspire every year our limited edition printed designs. The collection is always completed with simpler, non printed designs for the lovers of minimalism.