Nopi Gaitanidou was always into making handmade artifacts. For special gifts for special friends, for things you can't find in the market, for making personal presents crafted with love for friends or for herself.

In the beginning it was more like "Hey! I want something like this one, where did you find it?". Later it was the crisis, blended with a new way of living and always with the fire in her heart in the process of making. But above all, it was the happiness in the eyes of the people receiving their gifts. Gifts made by her own hands. And that was it. Almost two years ago, she decided to communicate her creations, simply by following her instincts.

Her favorite artists are Antoni Gaudi and Friedensreich Hundertwasser. She loves both their boldly-coloured creations and their architectural genius. She paints since she was a kid. Once, she bought a sewing machine and she taught herself to use it, simply by trying and spending many hours on the internet reading and looking for help.

Her mother taught her to knit fabrics. She only creates and photographs things she'd wear. Leather, fabric, lace, threads, feather, pebbles, any weird material, any weird color inspires her. "Somehow I create the first, all the others follow". The initial "first" was a tobacco felt pouch, and the last "other" was a needle-knitted bracelet.

She loves Ancient Greek mythology. Especially Medusa. If you ever listen to her talking about Antimachi, Nausika, Lysistrati, Penthesilea, don't get fooled, she isn't talking about her friends... She's just talking for her creations, all inspired by Greek Mythology and the mythical characters emerging out of it.