For the biggest part of my career I worked in cinematography, as a TV Producer. Moreover, having always a strong sense of social responsibility, for eight years I served as a Municipal Counselor at Filothei. This has permitted me to contribute to my neighborhood as Vice Mayor of environment and culture, as President of the cultural committee, as President of Filothei's Kindergarten and as specialadvisor of the Center of Fine Arts George Karidis. 
My journey in art began in 2000, when by making use of worthless, precious or semi-precious, but always signifying objects, I made my first creations, wreaths. Since then, I engage with the creation of wreaths, sculpture, and specifically with the design and creation of jewellery.

The most significant steps in this journey were the following exhibitions:

November 2003: “Where matter turns into spirit” - Athinais Cultural Centre
May 2006: “Sea Sentiments” - Athinais Cultural Centre
December 2009: “Shine” - Athinais Cultural Centre
May 2011: “Connotations” - Titanium Yiayianos Art Gallery