Myrto designs sumptuously sculptural pieces of jewellery. She handcrafts prototype models herself, fervently experimenting and pushing the boundaries of shapes and forms drawn from the wealth of natural contours and images. Her designs capture both a subversive dynamism and a sensuous femininity, designed to accentuate and revere each woman’s uniqueness.
The jewels are cast in sterling silver, 18k gold, or in combinations of the precious metals. Precious stones, in a play with sizes and colors, lavishly transfigure some designs. The pieces are executed with attention to high craftsmanship that highlights the dynamics of the forms and celebrates the inherent qualities of the metals and the gems. 
Creations, designed to attract the eye and to challenge the mind, but above all remain true to the nature of jewellery as the art of extraversion; a celebration of the human desire to decorate the body as a statement of ones personal affinities and unique character.