Infusing inspirational cultural traditions from around the world into sophisticated fashion.

MITOS is a luxury swimwear brand aiming to introduce an original approach to swimwear fashion design.
Inspired by cultural traditions from around the world, MITOS has set its heart on translating them into intricate embroidery stitches and exquisite patterns and applying them onto exceptional materials, in an attempt to fulfill the desire of a niche market that has been longing for innovation, fine quality and most importantly, the unconventional.

Each MITOS swimwear is an object of desire that senses are eager to explore...


The making of MITOS

A series of steps involving dexterity and know-how is required to create a one-of-a-kind MITOS swimsuit.

Once the MITOS team decides on the inspiration and concept for the upcoming season collection, the fashion designer starts working on the cut-out swimwear patterns. The textile designer then creates the detailed embroidery patterns. Digital embroidery machines are used to sew the cross-stitches on very light and elastic, silk-like and quick-to-dry tulle. The inner material is a fine Italian lycra that feels buttery soft to the touch. Its fast-drying and stain-resistant quali- ties, as well as UV protection (UPF 50+) credentials, guarantee the ultimate feel and the perfect fit. Each one of the environmentally friendly materials has been thoroughly researched and carefully selected.

Three hours of embroidering and 250,000 stitches later, a MITOS swimsuit is ready to impress.