Minas was born in 1938 in Athens. He trained as a goldsmith who from the age of 15 knew exactly what he wanted to achieve.
At the age of 30 he went to America. He lived and worked for 11 years in New York City, as a freelance and established his presence as a designer, creating pieces in gold and silver as solid materials, but never uses stones.
In 1980, he moved his studio back to Athens to begin a new limited production of personally signed pieces. 
Minas has continued this tradition and still personally signs every piece he creates.
In 1983 begins to experiment in industrial design and applies his engineering skills to the improvement of his workshop.
From 1986 devotes himself to architectural design and constructs an extraordinary house on the Greek island of Mykonos marrying Cycladic Tradition with modern ideas.
In 1987 designs and constructs the "Astra" Bar in Mykonos, followed by a collection of designer pieces.
In 1990 designs furniture and works in marble, wood and stainless steel.
In 1992 his cooperation with George Jensen silver smithy, on a range of designer's products, as well on a large collection of silver and gold jewelry. Four years later, he presents his entire work in an exhibition in Copenhagen, the Cultural Capital of Europe, for 1996 . Minas is the first non Scandinavian artist to join the Danish firm.
The first store opens in Mykonos in 1998. The Designer's touch is recongnizable through his creations from the very first moment.
In 1999, George Jensen hosted a series of exhibitions in New York, London and Paris.
On December 2005, he opened his flagship store in Athens.