Maria Petsetaki is a new artist in the field of jewel. She has a strong individual voice in which delicate irony and acute insight coalesce. With the passion of an artisan forging new interpretations, her works are driven by an inexorable current, an energy that drives her to bring together a wide variety of images with subtle nuances.
Born in Athens Greece, she started her career as a business woman. Her path changed dramatically when by chance she took a course in jewellery. at a school where they worked silver, bronze and gold in clay. There she felt that she has a story to tell. She studied a wide variety of jewellery techniques, including wax moulding, casting and stone setting.
Her jewels carry her own stamp as they combine and depict history, nature and sensitivity, they have an intimate bond with the wearer. A thirst for  variety is the main characteristic of her work the pieces speak and inspire.