I name my creations after the Moon. Luna Nera in Italian means Black Moon. My creations symbol is the Pagan Blessing Symbol. So it is the dark feminine energy, fertility and deep emotions of the Black Moon combined with the protection and esotericism of the Blessing Symbol that I want to give to my creations. I want the women wearing Luna Nera to feel protected and full of that energy. 
I love to use metal, feathers, crystals and vintage findings and I prefer gold, black and white colors. Most of the creations are very limited editions and some of them unique pieces. On them you will find lucky and protective symbols. 
I'm always happy to see others wearing my creations, whether it’s someone close to me or some stylish woman passing me by on the street, someone in a different country or even someone in a magazine. I feel as if they are wearing a piece of me! Choosing one of my creations it shows to me that you have unique style. And that is what I want, to see my creations on a woman with extraordinary style, artistic, sexy and classy at the same time. 
Thank you,
Nina Renieri