I studied and was working in the Marketing sector when I got charmed by jewelry artifact creation. Soon enough, I started working alongside a silver craft professional where I got my initial acquaintance with metals, the tools and the machinery for the first time. Before I even realized, I found myself attending jewelry seminars and experimenting using various materials. The need to learn new techniques, was followed by seminars of artistic jewelry manufacture. From the first moment I stood above the work bench I fell in love with the glow of the metals, the sparkle of the beads and the brightness of the ribbons! The concept of the idea designed on paper, then the saw frame, the file, the attachments of accessories and then the final polishing on the metal, feels like a magic, fascinating trip! The metals that I work on are silver, argent, brass and copper, with which create various textures and color shades. I like to play with semi- precious stones, felt wool, colored enamel, cold glaze and oxidizing. Source of my inspiration is nature, love and life itself. There is always something around us able to inspire us and make us express ourselves creatively! Each different material has its own identity and individuality on handing. Creativity is infinite and multidimensional! It has color, loads of shapes but most of all it takes a good deal of imagination!
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