Maria Gonidou is a master weaver, trained in the traditional techniques of the ancient wooden loom. Maria hand weaves color, shape and texture with natural fibers on a hand-operated loom to create stunning contemporary fabrics with timeless, original designs. Maria works with natural fibers such as silk, wool, cotton, linen and cellulose acetate, whose color is derived from natural dyes made from Greek plant leaves, roots and flowers such as daisies, onion skins, madderwort and krokus.

“Agnythes” – an ancient Greek word meaning weights of a loom – is Maria’s weaving workshop in Nafplio. Here Maria designs and hand weaves shawls, scarves and ties as well as creates private commissions such as tablecloths and bed spreads.

A weaving lesson at the Museum of Folklore Art “Aggeliki Chadjimichali” inspired Maria to pursue weaving studies in more depth. Maria studied traditional weaving, tapestry, design and art history at specialized institutions, including the Veloudaki School and EOMMEX (Hellenic Organisation of Small and Medium Enterprises and Crafts) in Athens. She then studied with tapestry expert Sofia Tata to learn the technique of textile natural dyes. Maria has exhibited her work throughout Greece and Europe, including an exhibition at the Municipality of Martignas in France and at the Peloponnesian Folklore Institute (PFI) in Nafplio, Greece.