As is custom with most good things, Generation Generous was founded in response to a need. Natasha Marie Athanasiadou envisaged the brand following her personal experience after a trip to Mumbai, India where she encountered people living in extreme poverty with little or no access to basic life needs. Wanting to help, she created a truly generous company that would help people in need and at the same time maintain strong ethos towards working conditions, care for the environment and unique fine style. 

Nearly 12 years ago and one year after Natasha started her business oriented research degree at Cambridge University, her mother Elizabeth, a talented Fashion Designer graduate from LSF and a great, vibrant and sensitive woman, passed away suddenly from leukaemia cancer. Shocked and numb Natasha wanted to follow her inherited flair for fashion by conveying a career in the field.

For several years she worked and travelled internationally designing and producing bags and accessories in India and China for major international brands and retailers. Mumbai was that trip where she felt compelled about doing something to change the impact of fashion accessories like bags. To change their impact towards the environment, the people who make them and people around the world that need help, through creating a truly “Generous” bag that could “carry” our consumer power to change the world.
Our first design of Generation Generous bag embodies our mission.