Lina Diamandopoulou Fanourakis has been designing the entire collection of the Fanourakis jewellery line for the past 30 years, overseeing the production process to its finest detail. She has been working at the company’s workshop with a small, yet, very specialized team of goldsmiths and gem-setters..
Using the prime materials of high end goldsmithery, she is designing jewellery that transcends the logic of vanity and talks straight to the heart. Laboured with humor and professionalism, her designs do not attempt to impress, nor is there anything created if not regarded essential, sincere and timely. The result is a very unique and highly distinguished “universe”.
By constantly searching for new lines and forms and by experimenting with new techniques and methods Lina Fanourakis aims to express the joy of life and beauty, to find accomplices in her aesthetic world, to wake up our dreaming capacity.
Overall, her work is gaining recognition as an original piece of art.
Even though a family oriented business it was fortunate that those who leaded the company proved to be capable merchants and goldsmiths, as well as restless and creative minds.

It is because of this that the business managed to support an independent designer line creativity unique techniques and following an autonomous production philosophy.