Starting out my life in Ano Petralona being a "restless spirit", completing Economic Studies I was employed in various sectors, I was led to non-spatial paths of artistic inspiration and creativity. In 2007 we launched Friendship Stories with the idea of reviving intimate moments and memories on "everyday use objects". Over time my artistic spirit was represented by the creation of jewelry seeing as I felt the need to speak out through my creations and my beliefs, with no boundaries, no rules, no do's and don'ts... My source of inspiration? Apart from headline news, vital source of creativity are my walks in downtown Athens, as well as my rides with the Metro; while people pass by I see in mind's eye their "frosting". So, don't be surprised if you bump into me in one of my wanderings and I am staring at you with a "Mona Lisa" smile..!

All my jewels are unique,have their own code, and in the latest collection i have used beton, as i like to experiment with many different materials.