ENOEME launches its second skin..

It caresses. It flatters. It is the perfect “second skin” for today’s woman demanding more than the obvious. ENOEME puts women firmly in trousers with its new blends of silk lines in a timeless aesthetic of comfort wear and lush minimalism. It is contemporary elegance wrapped around luxurious undertone. ENOEME silk trousers boldly go where traditionally has been dress-only zone, without loss of femininity or confidence. 

Lia Kastanidi, the creative force behind the ENOEME, clearly understands the next evolutionary phase of the brand. Women, she explains, need to move beyond the concept that only a dress fits the occasion or it’s the safe bet. Challenging that myth and doing it very well is at the very core of the ENOEME silk trousers collection. It is the combination of comfort, versatility and elegance the fabric and design embodies that is driving the passion. As Lia explains, “the ENOEME woman is brave, thoughtful, capable, and complicated with a strong sense of fashion. She considers silk trousers a necessity, a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, an exquisite aesthetic with unique elegance that never dates.”

What makes the ENOEME trousers so special is that it offers a line of silk and silk blends to produce a style that’s both classic and contemporary.  Great attention has been given to comfort and versatility without dampening the luxury and elegance of the wear. Throw them on for your trip down to your favourite boutique or to that all important boat party and still look and feel every bit inspired.  The range of the collection also means you can easily combine them with your favourite tops and accessories.