Eleanna Katsira was born and raised in Athens, Greece.

She studied Business Administration, practiced the profession in various companies, but eventually decided it was time to make a change in professional life and decided to dedicate herself to her “big passion” – the fashion industry! Therefore, in 2011 she decided to design & manufacture handmade women's accessories.

She enjoys meeting people and embracing

She embraces novelty and surely smiles more now than ever. She’s a happy workaholic, who keeps busy day and night, crafting new designs using – all her creativity & ingenuity.

Her sole purpose, always remains to fill women's lives with vivid colors through rarefied pieces that make every woman feel special and distinguished, based on each and everyone's style and character.

Some of her most creative ideas come from the ways she spends her free time.  She adores to travel, dance, seek the outdoors, & follow the theatre. She also, enjoys strolling and window shopping in downtown Athens with her girlfriends, and takes pleasure in ending her day with a hearty dinner at home amongst friends and family.

Her material has been presented in various trade shows and exhibitions in Athens - with noteworthy success – and an unforgettable experience, her participation in the “Michalis Kakogiannis Institution” Exhibition, along with 30 other talented designers, where the artwork presented was inspired by famous Greek director’s films.

Please watch following video of Eleanna’s work.