Nowadays, eyewear has obtained something more than plain utilitarian value.
Style is of major importance, that's why one pair is never enough. It is commonly accepted among the fashion conscious, that the right pair of eyewear can transform an outdated outfit to a fashion statement.
Mirror lenses, transparencies, metal and decorative elements are some of the trends to name. Greek wit has managed to underline its presence in the global fashion industry by introducing eyewear frames made of solid wood. As strange as it may sound, the result has surprised even the most sceptical.
We refer to Christopher Mariades, the head behind  a Christopher handmade sunglasses specializing  in the creation of wood-framed eyewear, sunglasses or not.

Each pair is handcrafted, something that gives you ammple possibilities for self-expression and customization.
That is, you have a say from the color of the lenses, to the preferable type of wood, your unique pair of  eyewear will be created.
The result is one of a kind, modern and simultaneously posh.