Panos Kardasis studied traditional metalwork and repoussé in 1992-1993, when he attended specialised courses and workshops at the benaki museum, athens~ for a number of years he used this art as a way of releasing tension and concentrating, by turning his daywork meeting 'scribbles' to jewellery designs, eventually hammering them on fine silver leaf~ a few years later he perceived the idea of 'modular' jewellery, i.e. jewellery consisting of 'condenced design' modules reproduced in limited copies~

the bijoux bizarres openspace, as it operates today, became a platform where passionate freelancers 'meet' and collaborate towards the creation of modern modular jewellery inspired by the mediterranean heritage & tradition~​

for mediterranean people that love and study ancienty, it is common knowledge that there is some kind of design 'continuity' across geography and across time~   similar design patterns appear in pottery, sculpture and metalwork of greece, cyprus, asia minor, italy and even egypt and spain~   these patterns have also 'travelled' from ancient, hellenistic, roman and byzantine periods to modern times and to our present~

this is not unexpected and surprising given that mediterranean countries are interconnected with their history and religion~   we are all influenced by the same mythical and historical personas, we are familiar with similar states of mind, we experience life with similar feelings~

beauty, greatness but also drama and contradiction are important elements of our dna~   bijoux bizarres collections have approached mediterranean heritage by imagining key female and some male roles~   helen of troy, ariadne, clytemnestra, empress theodora are only a few of them~   

their imaginary jewellery, hair and clothe ornaments have been transformed appropriately in order to decorate modern divinas, princesses, heroines and heroes~

bijoux bizarres people believe that there is a mythical woman or a legendary man in each one of us~   this is what we try to highlight every time we design a new piece of jewellery for our customers and friends~

bijoux bizarres are mythical ornaments for real people~​