When your hobby becomes a passion and your love for jewelry takes shape and form, you’ve already found the key to success. Greek designer Antonia Karra followed in her grandfather’s footsteps into jewelry, and, applying a technique she learned from her darling grandmother, she began knitting the most intricate designs, taking us all on exciting adventures through her creations.

With each line of jewelry she introduced other innovative techniques and experimented with new materials like silver and semi-precious stones, taking the fashion world by storm.

Drawing from her Greek heritage and influenced by a rainbow of cultures, Antonia Karra’s designs are now sold around the globe, the latest line being inspired by Native American motifs.

Ever restless and enthusiastic for what she does, Antonia Karra recently attended a specialized workshop in world-renowned Saint Martins in London in order to further develop her talent, and now continues the tradition with new ideas, skills and even greater passion.