Syros. A mosaic of neoclassical mansions, of bourgeois and intellectuals, of “tarsanas”, the traditional shipyards, and derricks; a miniature of the Scala Opera House, housing the local theater, a town hall resembling a palace, skillful shipwrights, and heaps of rose flavoured “loukoumi” (Turkish delights), all inlaid in unique harmony.
Embedded in this enchanted scenery, the new art hotel PALAZZO PLOES is a neoclassical mansion, which was once the private estate of noble families, all living under its high painted ceilings. It perfectly combines the experience of living in the ambience of a 19th century mansion with the contemporary five-star services.
The building is situated on a privileged location, transforming your access to the PALAZZO PLOES to the equivalent of a short tour in the town of Ermoupoli. It is only a short walk away form the central Miaoulis Square, the Syros Town Hall, the Apollon Theater, the church of Saint Nicolas, the catholic church of Evangelistria, and the port. Even the adjacent buildings are monumental: the First High School of Modern Greece, where the significant political figure of Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos, was once a student, now houses the University of the Aegean; and, on the other side, the building of the Cyclades Prefecture, which used to be the estate of the Tsiropina family. 
The rooms are delicately furnished, with the enchanting decorative touch of handmade rugs and genuine Venetian chandeliers. The marble bathrooms offer a sense of luxury, while in some one can relax in steam rooms and whirlpool baths. The paintings on the walls are the works of contemporary Greek artists, creating an atmosphere of traditionally classic style and selectively high taste. The fine chinaware offers a refined quality. The view from the large windows, the balconies and terraces is that of the azure Aegean Sea, greeting the beautiful city. The especially designed paved terrace offers access to a private swimming area with relaxing sun beds, perched above the water.