Vangelis Bagiatis was born on January 30th, 1978. He lives and works as an IT analyst in Athens, Greece. Most of his free time is dedicated to photography, either by watching the work of famous or less famous photographers, or by trying to embody his influences in the pictures he creates himself.

His occupation with photography began some years ago and, since, is the ideal media for him to express his thoughts and feelings. His subjects come from whatever catches his attention during big walks around his city or any other place he happens to visit: nature, water, sky but also buildings, urban scapes, street.Moody, abstract and sometimes surreal scenes is usually the outcome of his work. Lately he's been experimenting a lot with the lensbaby composer, which seems like the ideal tool to help him realize his ideas.

The moment of the capture is usually followed by many more moments of post-treatment. Pressing of keys, until the picture on the screen matches the picture in the head.