tintinnabulum .. a small, tinkling bell or a set of bells played in succession Show Spelled[tin-ti-nab-yuh-luh m] noun, plural -la Show Spelled[‐luh]..

In a building from the 1930s we finally managed to house our ideas and creations.
An old, former wood carving workshop, which was open from 1952 until 2010, a place full of history and art on its own, proved to be the ideal room for our handmade objects and jewels.
We are trying to respect at the most the place and keep alive its magic and its history in order to create for you a warm and cosy "living room" and not a cold and unfriendly store.
I hope that after nine months we have managed it, and that you will, along with us, enjoy the spot.
So, we are expecting you anytime for coffee, tea and biscuits!