What will we see in this project from you as a photographer?

-In one word? Creativity. The exhibition's purpose is to set the public as passengers in order to travel with us. Personally the biggest part of my work is aimed to create positive feelings to the viewer. As an artist i'm concentrating at both sides of life, I assume though that the negative side is winning and so i feel the need to balance somehow by giving the lead to the positive side. That doesn't mean that i don't shoot the negative side of life as well. I'm not interested though much about it as we seesad pictures every day, its all around the news, tv, internet. Representing the negative side is out of the question for me, at least for now, because as an artist I can't guarantee if i'll change in the future. Variability is the magic of life.

However, I feel the need to contribute positively to people's daily life especially the Greek ones which is tough, ever was but now is even worse, and i'd like to see people smiling, travelling, relaxing, and i think pretty pictures do that or urge the need for that.


Black and white?Colours? what inspires you more?

-B/W and Color, hmm well the B/W is the easiest type of photography, its also the most attractive for somebody to begin with. Colour has the effect to confuse the mind and many many coloured pictures seem dull and boring because the mind doesn't know where to look? the light? the subject? the red? Mixed feelings will flood your head and your face will look like "???" On the other hand the B/W is direct, is connected to the feeling. You don't care about the colours, you want to see desperately what is going on in the frame. So for that i think the B/W is more powerful, more direct, and i the coloured ones more challanging. A small info i'll reveal is that all my exhibits in Passengers exhibition are flooded with colour and the biggest part of my work is coloured too. Why? because i love colour, i'm kinda slave to it.


Ιs there ''room'' fot the artists today in the Greece of crisis ?

-Let me say this straight, and i know i've spoke about variability above but this is constant: There is always room for art. In anything. Photography? Music? Food? you name it. There is always room. Plain and simple. Imagine a puzzle with pieces. Well guess what! that puzzle is incomplete! and the better part? Its HUGE! like the universe, so yes there is always room for art photography and this is what i say all the time in my seminars: Go out, express yourselves, don't be afraid to express your thoughts through the camera, its only yourself, its personal, don't keep it inside.

Although most people confuse art with profit. I could speak about it for hours but the best advice i can give is this: Begin as an artist, don't destroy that thin sensitive line of expression for profit. Art is your purpose, profit is a bonus.


In a few words, how could you describe your work so far?

-How can i describe my work course.. hmmmm in one word again? Bliss! Photography opened doors and took me to places i could never see otherwise. There are also some things i consider as bonus beside the fact that the world can give you very interesting photos and express yourself, be emotional, passionate and all that. I capture moments, creating memories is the most valuable thing in life and maybe the only thing that we'll take with us when our time is done. Meeting new people making friends, seeing other places as well around the globe. All those are priceless and not necessary with the order i've described.

Landscapes, portraits, city pictures..whats best for you?

-I can't contain myself in one subject. I'm vulnerable to beauty and i need to find it everywhere. Its like oxygen. However the most beautiful things in life through the lens for me are landscapes and pretty women.

Your ideal group exibition would be with photographers such as..

-My ideal group exhibition would be with people who share the same feelings and ideas. Passengers exhibition is like that. All the members of the exhibition are filled with passion, energy, fresh ideas and also are great characters. You'll probably notice that by visiting our exhibition I'd like to give many thanks to Iliada for the interview, and wish a successful course in the www.living-postcards.com