Stefanos Kastrinakis talks about the ''Passengers'' exhibition.


What will we see in this project from you as a photographer?

-I participate in this project with a body of landscape and buildings photos..


2.Black and white?Colours? What inspires you more?

-I prefer black and white... it touches me more.


Is there ''room'' fot the artists today in the Greece of crisis?

-I believe that crisis is a challenge for the artist and a strong source of inspiration.In the other hand brings a lot of  difficulties in our work..


Landscapes, portraits, city pictures..Whats best for you?

-Depends on the moment and the mood. I usually take photo very often of landscapes when I am in the country, portraits when i am asked to do it, and city pictures every day crossing the city.


Your ideal group exibition would be with photographers such as..

 -My ideal group expedition is with Thannasis Troboukis and the team of