Efi Giosma was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, where she has been an active professional in retail interior design for the past 18 years. Her occupation with the trading of old objects and furniture gave rise to a turn in visual arts. She is particularly interested in the making of structures made of metal, wood, paper, resin, acrylic with a variety of themes that stem from her devotion towards the vintage, the second hand, the ready-made object that in any case is reminiscent of an era past gone. In fact, the older the object and the material being used, the more innovative and contemporary the concept that enlivens them. Efi has dealt with big, pioneering brands and has managed to complete various interior design projects, from large scale hotel furnishings, to wide-ranging refurbishments for bars, cafes and restaurants as well as for private residencies. She combines an excellent knowledge of furniture remaking and an original touch in object design. Her artworks have been exhibited in two group exhibitions, one in 2006 (Human Machines, Porta Gallery) and the other in 2010 (Art Project #1, Decorama Arte, Thessaloniki) and an individual one in 2008 (Art in White, Haven Café, Thessaloniki). Efi owns a shop in a suburban area of Thessaloniki since 1994 where she mainly exhibits her work.