Maria Diakodimitriou was born in Athens. She is a graduate of English Literature,University of Athens, having completed postgraduate studies in Linguistics with Surrey University. She is a professor at Technological Educational Institute of Pireus and has been involved in translation and compilation of educational material.Since 2003, she has been engaged in artistic design of printed matter. In 2005 she issued the magazine “ΕΠΟΧΕΣ” being occupied with creative design and chief editing.From 2007 till 2009 she attended

Scenography, Three-Dimensional Model Design and Theatrical Costume Seminars.

Personal Exhibitions

June 2010 “Synthetω”, Hall Ennea, Athens

December 2010 “DeTales”, Gallery Art Zone 42, Athens

December 2012 “Ladies”, Multicenter Red Dot, Athens

Group Exhibitions

September 2008 Exhibition of scenographic model and theatrical costumes Theatre Fournos, Athens

January 2009 Design and construction of scenery and costumes for the play“Don Zuan returns from war”, Theatre Studio Mavromichali, Athens

February 2012 Starting Point, Gallery ArtZone 42, Athens

July 2012 Athens Matters, Gallery ArtZone 42, Athens

Using acrylics, papers, kappamount, various materials and computer reproductions, Maria Diakodimitriou composes and recreates 3D images and scenes.