I'm Georgia. I was born thirty years ago in Athens where I still live.

Among biology studies, cooking, working and walking, I really enjoy photography.

I started taking pictures almost 3 years ago using a nikon F65 and many many ilford HP5 rolls. I have only kept just a few of those black and white pictures. There are still lots of film rolls in my fridge drawer waiting to be used. Anyway, since we are all living in a digital era, I decided to go with the flow.

Photography is essential to me as it fills my life's puzzle with missing pieces. I like taking portraits of all kinds of people, both familiar and unknown. I also do selfportraits ,which as my ongoing project shows, is pretty much of a difficult thing.

I don't know where this path ends or which directions to follow. I only photograph what I like and love and these pictures are like mementos of what is gone by but is still present in my memory. My pictures are me and the way I interpret the world around me.