• What will we see in this project from you as a photographer?

    I have chosen to present black and white landscapes with long exposure during their reception because I believe that they create a dynamic and an intensity through their frames.

    Black and white?Colours? what inspires you more?

    As a landscape photographer, I am fascinated by both of them because I believe that its one has its charm. The colors make me travelling and having an optimistic view of life but on the other hand black and white make me feel a dynamic and an intensity as it consists of thousands colors.

    is there ''room'' fot the artists today in the Greece of crisis?

    I think that despite the crisis that there is in Greece, the field of photography is booming nowadays and there are also many places where photographers can show off their work.

    in a few words, how could you describe your work so far? I try through the landscape photographs to give to the viewer the charm and the beauty of nature through colorful and also black and white photographs…I do my best and I think I do it well so far.

    landscapes, portraits, city pictures..whats best for you?

    I love shooting landscapes I think I am better there and after cities’ shooting, because I try through them to show to the viewer’s images with different angle every time. I am occupied also with portraits but it depends on the source of inspiration.

    your ideal group exibition would be with photographers such as..

    With Andreas Gursky...