BIOS is the center for today’s art and multi-media in Athens, incorporating various functions; exhibitions, screenings, theatre performances, music concerts, educational programs and symposia.

Through continuous activity in recent years, BIOS has contributed to the creation, expression and development of new ideas and it is now an acknowledged nodal point of cultural communication.


Some of the artists hosted at BIOS:
Matmos, Mira Calix, Plaid, Chicks on Speed, Cobra Killer, Le Tigre, Damo Suzuki, The Ex, Spaceheads, Triosk, Jan Jelinek, Dictaphone, AGF, Vladislav Delay, James Lavelle, Richard Devine, Tuxedo Moon, DJ Vadim, Killa Kela, Luke Vibert, David Holmes, Jamie Lidell, Andrea Parker, Cocorosie, Afrirampo, Philip Jeck, Flat-e, Meam, Rechenzentrum with Schneider TM, Burnt Friedman w/ Jaki Liebezeit, Martin Rev, Gescom, Pluramon with Julee Cruise, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Murcof, Disjecta, Philip Jeck with Janek Schaeffer, Sutekh, Flanger, Meam, Ultre, Keiji Haino, Jan Jelinek with Triosk, Cassetteboy, Belgradeyard Soundsystem, The Orb, Funckarma, The Locust, Lost Bodies, Old-Fashioned Donkeys, Peekay Tayloh, Drop The Lime, Non-Analogue Treatment, Dani Joss, Raining Pleasure, Cylob, µ-ziq, DMX Krew, Andrea Parker, Caribou, Kid 606, Freeform, Psychonauts, DJ Food, Radioactive Man, Dälek, Arovane, De Traces, Stereo Total, Ion, Machine Drum, Pridon, Kamotek, Wetsound Orchestra, Tokyo Mask, 2L8, Neon, Jimmy Edgar, The Books, Heavy trash, Team Toyobi, Juan Maclean, Deadalus, Chris Clark, Alva Noto, Scanner, Schneider Tm, Venetian Snares, Jori Hulkkonen’s Acid Symphony Orchestra, Lindstrom, DJ Qbert, Mr Scruff, Jazzy Jeff, The Gaslamp Killer, Moodymann, Mary Anne Hobbs, Wax Tailor, M-ziq, Omar S and Gilles Peterson.

Some of the performances hosted at BIOS:
Forced Entertainment (Quizoola!), Rimini Protokoll (Call Cutta in a Box), blitz (Motherland, Joy Division, New Order, The House, Katerini), F2 Performance Unit (Restricted Area, On the Edge), MKultra (A guide to getting lost), MAG (Less, Desire, Koposi), The Beggars' Operas (Trovatore), Vasistas (Phaedrae, Kokkini Skoufitsa), Nova Melancholia (Aidiasma, Walter Benjamin) and Intimate Transactions in collaboration with the Institute of Contemporary Art.