Athena Kamila was born at Mesologgi on 20 August 1974.
She  studied archeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
She lives in beautiful Patras with her ​​family, where she spent her childhood and she   worked previously for the Greek government as  a civil servant. Due to the economic crisis, she lost her  job, but she still looks to the future with optimism about the country that she  loves so much . Greece.
"I believe that Greece 's heavy industry is tourism. Besides , they are the people who shape a city , a country , a state, an ideology .
I try to charge my batteries offering to my fellow man by taking part through various volunteer groups .
Also i am an  amateur photographer  and  travelling  to different countries , made ​​me meet people that are  polite , hospitable , erudite but also stubbornly optimistic , people who love Greece and its people , people trying to transmit one single message . Love for life !
I take photographs  what I emerged to see what the world looks photographed through my own look, discovering another world through this great art " the art of observation" 
I would like to send my love across the world , and send both optimism messages. First , from a children's book I had read in my seven years of a Persian writer : " The Little Black Fish "We all die a day, sooner or later. It does not matter how we die, what matter is what we die for ... and second, by the great ancient Greek tragic poet Euripides from the famous tragedy of "Medea" : Maybe what we expected to be did not became , but for the unexpected found God will find a way to be ..."