Astrolavos  art galleries opened in January of 2002. Its prime objective is to create a multiform space at the heart of Athens that will cover artistic trends for a broad audience and at the same time to bring the work of art closer to our daily life.
A pleasant space moulded especially to host at the ground floor a small 'flexible' gallery and a spacious art shop. The basement is a large space where we host a variety of works of art by young and older artists.
At the ground floor gallery we organize art exhibitions by famous artists, while at the various sections of the art shop there is a variety of small size paintings and other art objects for all tastes and needs. Close to the art shop we often organize more specialized exhibitions with a wide interest. In this space there are also some 'corners' like that of the artistic marriage or that of the art book.

The first exhibition that took place at Astrolavos artlife was a series of works by Giorgos Zoggolopoulos. This show was followed by a series of exhibitions of rare engravings of famous Greek artists of the Diaspora, sketches and engravings by Theodoros Hios as well as engravings by Stephen Antonakos.
The following exhibitions were, the exhibition "Hyperrealist Whispers" which consisted of paintings by Nikos Eggonopoulos and photographs by Andreas Empirikos and the exhibition with paintings by Yannis Tsarouhis of his later period.