Sophia Gaitani has studied at Vakalo School of Art with major in graphic and decoration. Starting with the magazine “Katoikia” she worked at Lyberis Publications and she became a Creative Art Director
at Attikes Publications designing the re-launching of “Playboy” Magazine and “Escape” Magazine.
At the same time she also designed the re-launching of the historic Greek newspaper “Estia”.
After that she started working at Lambrakis Publications where she worked for the re-launching 
of “Taxydromos” Magazine. Then, she worked at Pegasus Publications where she designed 
the re-launching of “Eikones” Magazine, as well as “Thelo” Magazine. At the same time she worked as Creative Art Director at Hachette Rizzoli. She also re-designed the magazines of Triaina Publications.
Not long ago, she designed two free press newspapers “Eco Life” and “Free Post” as well as the series “Big Greeks” of SKAI Publications. She lives and works in Athens where she has a private office and she
designs concept-art objects as Creative Director.

July 2010: <<free spirit>>,
Mykonian Mare, Mykonos.
June 2010: <<city colours, city words>>,
Sismanoglio, Istanbul
March 2010: “Everything in life is female, even LIFE itself”, Mommy Art, Athens.
July 2009: “Summer lovers”,
Mykonian Mare, Mykonos.
June 2008: “Look around, a world full
of colors”, Metamorfosi, Thessaloniki.
November 2007: “Baby World”,
Down-Town Gallery, Athens.