To cut a long story short


1987. Self-taught, I performed street painting at a period when breakdance in Athens was a closed community with very few believers. In school, my teacher in arts, saw something in my artwork and sent one of my posters to the Biennale Exhibition for the Youth, hosted in Kanagawa, Japan. A worldwide distinction returned back. And a nickname as a gift from my classmates.


But .The necessities of life and the artistic depreciation of pop and urban art in my country, left me no choice but to follow the road of conservative studies and work on something else than my paintings.


In June 2011 - I took a lifetime decision .To work only on my art. And leave everything else behind.


2013. The biggest street art painting at the seaside of Athens was made in 10 straight hours.

2 exhibitions were presented. One based on acrylics and another (separated) on illustrations.


Through my mind. From my heart. By my hand. Acrylic or digital. On silk, on plexi or on wood. To me it is the same, as long you can feel the "color within".