Agapi Hatzi born in Piraeus.

She studied painting with the painters D. Touloupas and E.Averkiou.  During the years of 1989-1991, takes part in various group shows.

1991 One-woman show, Nafplion in Municipal Cultural Center.
1992 &1993 She wins the first price of the annual Panhellenic Competition of Painting, Parnassos Cultural Association.
1994 One-woman show, The Piraeus Art Gallery.
During the years of 1995-2002, takes part in various group shows.
2002 She has found the "POLYTOPON" Institute of Audio, Visual and Plastic Arts with the colaboration of Andreas Koutsouvelis (multimedia) and Dimitris Petsetakis (music composer).
2003 One-woman show, Technopolis Center of Arts Athens, part of the
POLYTOPON Performance, under the title "Liquid Forms".
June 2010 Group show "greek artists - greek colours" Athens Municipal Cultrural Center "Melina Merkouri"
June 2010 Group show "disabilties" in Washington "John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts-Washington DC"
2011 January. One woman show based on Giannis Kalpouzos poetry, "IANOS" Athens.
2011 October. “ DIACHRONON”, One woman show. Original music by Dimitris Petstetakis. G. GOUNAROPOULOS MUSEUM, Athens
Her works are in private and public collections in Greece and abroad.

"Agapi Hatzi is an an-iconic painter, who belongs in this category of abstract artists,
who according to J.P.Sartr's quote, "subtract" means "add".
The removal of unnecessary, leads to the essence, so her painting becomes readable, even to the terms of iconology"
Dr. Georgia Kakourou Chroni
Curator of the National Gallery.