Corona Borealis is a suites complex built by local craftsmen following the island’s historical architecture; its simple lines reveal beauty wearing its traditional Cycladic dress. A wonderful small world made of rock, wood, whitewash, imagination and moderation; as modern as it can be, as luxurious as is needed and as spacious as it has to be to host your comfort and dreams. The suites complex is easily reachable from the “Hora” and the port – only four kilometers or a five minute drive – yet it feels far away from the noisy capital of Naxos.

If you seek serenity, you will find it in the peaceful hills, the beautiful stone walls and benches and the sculptural granite rock formations with the whisper of waves lapping at the shore. In Nature’s palette, a myriad of blues and earthy tones have been mixed to create this majestic landscape.

Here, from this beautiful natural balcony overlooking the Aegean, we combined our love for this land with care for its visitors, creating Corona Borealis.

We offer a unique natural setting dominated by the Aegean Sea, hills reflecting the light at midday, magnificent sunsets and the Naxian landscape embraced by clear starry nights. You are invited to share the harmony, beauty and integrity of our sincere and caring hospitality in this spectacular environment.