Expectations. Dreams. Plans. Goals. And an empty agenda ready to be full by all those crazy -and in non logical working hours- appointments. But do we really need to do all the same things we did back in 2014?

Personally, i would like to write my ''life book'' from the beginning. For me , a new year is a realistic reminder that my time on earth is ticking backwards... Sad? Also true. Every new year makes me realise that i don't have all the time of the world in my hands. That means i have to do my best. Get more organised. Explore more. Read more. Relax more. Get more road trips. And learn the meaning of the word ''patience''.

We deserve all the good things in our daily life. Let's take them. Let's make all the changes we might have to.

And don't forget to keep notes about all the things you're grateful for in a little jar...great to open next New Years Day!

Happy New Year Everybody!!