Articles, opinions, arguments and lot of words about the ''crisis'' theme.

A country that used to live ''happily ever after'' with borrowed money and the attitude of a non-stop-party (of course we all want to party-who doesn’t?) but all good things come to an end in order to start all over again.

In the meantime a new ''Greece'' is rising up. Startups, people with new ideas, visions and a lot of will for work. The rest of the world starts to see in a positive way all these efforts. They change day by day to change the negativity about the Greek people. Young people start to respect the greek land, the perspective of going back to their countryside,to produce their own products, or build a small boutique hotel, to show their fashion or jewellery collection, to share their music...

Still... there are a lot of things to be done. Success is not something that comes in an order, like a wish, in a plate.

It needs certain commitments , or else it’s just another '' big expectation''.

Focus on your goal. Don’t spend your precious time doing things that have nothing to do with it. Don’t underestimate competition. It can teach you valuable lessons.

On the other hand, don’t pay too much attention on what others do. There is a big possibility they have a total different goal from you, they even copy your moves. It’s not the value of the product, or your service. It’s also the ''after sales service'', the fame of your brand.

Never forget to ''live a life'', no matter what. People that spend their time with people they love, their children, their hobbies, achieve more ambitious plans than people that all they do is WORK.

Listen to your clients, listen to the market, it changes constantly, watch the new trends.

Open your mind to new methods of promotion, learn more about social media, don’t stay in the ''old days''. Days are changing. Everything is changing.

''Work'' is the answer, what ever the question...