Some times i can't even remember how was our life without social media...We used to go out often, we used to talk more on the phone, watch movies with friends or what?

If there is a real revolution, it has a name and its ''Social Media''. But do we need a limit using them?

Some people would wonder ''why post all the things you do, why start a blog rather than chatting with friends over a cappuccino?'' Well, we do that. But having a virtual coffee morning with people sharing their experiences, can be really powerful. Sure we dont want to miss that, so where is the trick?

You have to remember that your audience, your community is global. Dont leave any digital ghosts that you wouldn't want some people to see, like your boss for example!

Think about how you want to portray yourself. You have to be authentic, but you can manage your profile, or your blog posts, and polish your best points. Be discreet about sharing things from your daily life. Social media are like a dinner party. You wouldnt start barking around a dinner table. so dont post indiscriminately! If you wanna focus on your career, dont start post photos about your summer holidays, wearing a tiny bikini, it's obvious that people will get what they see at the first second. And people -often- are mean, never forget this ''small'' detail...

So, start with an audit of what exists about you already.

Google your name and see if there are things you need to be aware of.You may not be able to get them removed from the various websites. so push those search results down the list by commenting on up-to date issues and joining professional networks online. And be aware what people post about you! Never show photos of your children, it's obvious but a few understand the ''danger''.

Social Media are power, communication, and a fine way to know people, but never forget.

''A private life is a happy life''.