"Pure Dark Chocolate Just For The Health of It''.

 Welcome to the first pure dark chocolate boutique in Sofia!

 You will be amazed to discover over 60 varieties of artisan made high cocoa content chocolate from all over the world. We guarantee a supreme delicious experience combined with interesting information regarding the origin and the creation of this premium chocolate.

The boutique currently presents chocolate bars made from every existing variety of cocoa in the world, including Bolivian grown wild cocoa. The place is a chocolate lover's paradise where you will discover pure single origin chocolate bars next to chocolate bars enhanced with spices such as lavender, chilli pepper, coffee, salt, tonka bean, figs, pineapple, black sesame seeds, cardamom and many others. All chocolate bars are dark and vegan.

And don’t forget the cocoa, which the pure dark chocolate is made from, is really good for your wellbeing. It is packed with health enhancing minerals and antioxidants which can make you stronger and boost your feeling of happiness!  

Come, taste and discover for yourself!

 The boutique will be organising chocolate tasting events so if you are interested please sign in our website www.purechocolateandwellness.com "

"Serious chocolate lovers understand the sense of satisfaction and well being that emerges as rich dark chocolate melts on their tongue.

Chocolate really is good for you!!!!! Sadly that doesn’t mean you can rush off to your nearest supermarket and pick up a family size block, what we’re used to is not really chocolate, its confectionary, complete with cheap fillers, refined fats and sugar, dairy and flavorings.

Pure dark chocolate is indeed a ‘superfood’ – one of the most complex food substances on earth containing flavanols, natural antioxidant compounds and four chemicals that stimulate the brain, caffeine, theobromine, phenylethylamine and N-acylethanolamines.

These chemicals in combination turn on pleasure centers in the brain. That “chocolate high” is real.

For chocolate lovers the great news is you can now have your chocolate without the guilt. Only thing – it must be Quality Dark Chocolate!!!

The mission of Pure Chocolate & Wellness is to continue to spread and promote this magical sensation of savoring exquisite chocolate."