Let's accept it. We can do anything, we can achieve so many spectacular things in our daily life, so...what the hell is so difficult to promounce the ''N'' word??

How is possible to say more often ''NO''?

Women have a relationship of love and hate about this small word. You can persuade them do a lot of things , but when it comes to refuse something, it's getting really hard. It's a matter of confidence? Is it a matter of self respect?

Hell...yeah! Business managers say that the difference between successful people and very successful people is that ''very successful'' people say no to almost everything. So, how can we shut up the inner voice that refuses to refuse?

The feminist movement taught us to say ''Yes''. Yes, i can work, yes i can have sex with anyone, yes i can be a multitasking person -a habbit that drives us to ''burn-out'', but that's another post..-suddenly we learned to act like the very free and independent women we should be, but deep down inside there are many things we want to say NO, even we look conservative.

Think how many times you would like not to do something..

So, i guess we have to   say ''no'' in smaller, everyday's decisions. We have to listen to our soul ''do i have to go on a date with this guy, do i have to wash the dishes when i feel totally exausted, do i have to swallow the ''F'' word, when i feel really angry ?What will be my price? Who cares if they think i am a bad person? This horrible audience around us, that judges every move we make, do I really care....?

There's a trap of course. If you say NO, remember that you are not obliged to make a whole conversation about your decision. You don't have to apologise. No regrets. No second thoughts, only a simple NO. And never forget, to say NO, to your self, when you act like crazy trying to do hundreds of things daily, just to prove yourself that you have a certain value as a personality. Yes...we can be vulnerable sometimes and yes, we have the right to act the way we really wish. This Christmas let's start all over again.

Let's practise to listen deeply our heart, no matter what. And this can be our present, precious enough for the rest of our lives.